Design-build services



Discuss your short and long term goals for your organization.

Examine target learner needs and wants.

Review all existing teaching and content to identify possibilities.

See your examples that relate to your goals/teaching styles.

Identify software integration needs.

Establish subject matter experts for collaboration.


Design of learner experiences (LX)

In-depth review and organization of all of your Source Material.

Design roadmap for curriculum design, marketing needs, content production. 

Create Learner Profiles that help us deeply understand your learners’ aspirations, challenges, and contexts.

Craft Blueprint for specific learning outcomes.

Draft Lesson Prototype using sourced materials.

Create Curriculum Guidelines including voice and tone.

Production of video scripts, interactive exercises, readings, and discussions.

Pilot Test.

Build to specs.



Personalized training for your administrators, instructors, and other staff members.

Setup of a Teaching Assistant chatbot .ai to navigate learners.