Publishers and  "consumer purpose"

Publishers and "consumer purpose"

Lifestyle publishers who provide their consumers with "how does this help me" learn forward extensions to their content will create win-win-win scenarios for the consumer, the advertiser and their company.

Here are 3-givens: 

1. Consumers are constantly in search of ways to improve their own life issues like work, parenting, finances and health. While people benefit from great lifestyle content, they need help with framing up that content for how it affects themselves, or their family, their friends. People want help pulling-in their consumed media and seeing how it's relatable and helpful to them.

2. Advertisers will pay a premium to publishers who can offer them content-brand alignment that is useful to a consumer and relevant to their brand. In addition, in this attention economy, up-selling the consumer to stay longer with the publisher will need a powerful USP and "helping them" is pretty strong.

3. Publishers want deeper relationships with their consumers. Publishers realize developing a personalized connection with its consumer base has tremendous financial value, especially as media morphs into a transactional environment.

Publishers who focus on consumer purpose will benefit financially in our attention economy

Thus, a tremendous opportunity exists for publishers to augment their lifestyle articles, podcasts, videos and more with a self-directed and personalized learning framework for enabling their consumers to get personal with what's published. Tools like Typeform make this process so easy to execute.

People are in search of answers to some of their lifestyle issues; often those answers are already in their heads. The art is asking the right questions. This is where smart media companies can really shine.


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