3DSNYC Startup Judging

Traditionally I have shied away from judging these pre incubator events as always thought my "advice" to presenters was a bit presumptuous. But I decided to accept this invitation to test out how I would really feel.

Bottom line is I had a great time. I listened to some very talented folks present some really cool ideas they created in only 3 days. 

Personally I found myself not giving advice but sharing what has worked (*and not) with the over 30 startups I have been part of over the years. In particular I spoke on the business development front, offering presenters creative ways to raise early stage capital, keep an eye on an ROI metric for those investors, creating partnerships with established synergistic companies to build value and most importantly to look deeply into monetization methods.

I was rewarded by meeting many attendees after the event and brainstorming with them further on creative business ideas for their ventures.

I had a great night and feel fortunate to have been part of this great event.


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