"Start-up" -- the term itself evokes an image of the hard-working entrepreneur, so full of  promise, hope, dreams, potential, and -- let's be honest -- visions of financial success. But while some start-ups and entrepreneurs burn bright and then flame out pretty quickly, entrepreneurs who enjoy both success and longevity tend to have some measure of one abiding quality: perseverance. 

Early in life, perseverance was probably one of those terms that we heard in school as an admonishon: persevere in school, and you will be successful; persevere at work, and you will climb the ladder. However, for an entrepreneur, perseverance is a bit more broad and vague. Entrepreneurs are not guaranteed success if they persevere. Obstacles can be varied, and there is usually very little runway or margin for error in a start-up to allow for wrong turns or course corrections. 

For perseverance to work at a start-up, it has to be an ethos within the foundation and inner workings of the organization. All team members must be on board with it. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to inspire their staff and partners to have this quality as well. The best way to do this is to lead by example and reward  emulation. Start-ups face many obstacles and challenges in the beginning, and the ability to persevere is crucial to overcoming these growing pains being able to enjoy each victory along the way.

Having team members who persevere is invaluable to a start-up's success. Each team member may be responsible for a different facet of the business venture, but they can all be aligned with the key quality of  perseverance. When team members follow a leader's example to keep striving despite obstacles or bumps in the road, the organization is far more likely to succeed in the long run.


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