How we work


Staged Engagements

From Discovery to Execution, we offer flexible services

Discover stage:

  • Understand client business problem

  • Create and share a point of view on innovations in the domain

  • Identify, prioritize differentiation opportunities

  • Find the best prospective partners

  • Pro forma and Collateral work

Execute stage:

  • Develop and negotiate partnership structures that create 1+1=3

  • Support client and partner joint solution selling

  • Test sales work as sprints

  • Proactively identify and resolve issues encountered in joint selling and delivery

  • Establish and lead governance and management processes

  • Co-Manage risks with client and partner

Process Improvement stage:

  • Establish and continuously improve repeatable, successful ways of working

  • Develop IP in the domain, in collaboration with client thought leaders

  • Define full potential and initiatives required to achieve it

Marketing stage:

  • Build and Manage network of promoters among stakeholders

  • Provide recognized SME's for planning and program management, credible with clients/partners via similar expertise

  • Measure, iterate until transformation