Case Study: Technology Service retailer

CLIENT: SAP Analytics Cloud

INDUSTRY: Cloud-based Analytics Retailer


BACKGROUND: SAP was launching their first SAAS product for a SMB market and needed understanding of the uniqueness of this as well as marketing it with its internal design and development resources.

PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: How to create the customer journey maps and gateway for their new product launch of Analytics Cloud to enable internal understanding of the uniqueness of the SMB buyer.

SOLUTION CREATED: A seamless, from sign-up to sign-in gateway to the product.

METHOD USED: Building a phased plan of entry and optimizations from diagramming user flows from mind-maps, technology assumptions and brand messaging. Included were “style tiling” (visual experimentation of typography, brand cues, icon sets, photography, layout, colour pairings +more), publishing platform selection (WordPress), implementing a measurement-based UX iteration process, ready for multiple system integrations.

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