Case Study: Healthcare Insurance merchant

CLIENT: Pacific Blue Cross

INDUSTRY: Health Insurance Retailer


BACKGROUND: Pacific Blue Cross wanted efficiencies for providing customer service and hired Domain7 for a sprinted “how to help do that”.

PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: The vast amounts of paper claims were a huge efficiency challenge and lost opportunity for insights for Pacific Blue Cross.

SOLUTION CREATED: A “paper reduction” transformation into a “digitized system” using a holistic stakeholder lens (members, employees, technologies, vendors,+more).

METHOD USED: To reduce paper, this started with Pacific Blue Cross' changing its business processes that resulted in situations where members were required to produce paper. We did this through dynamically analyzing stakeholder research, shifting internal business processes, providing Pacific Blue Cross members experiences to navigate the public site to manage their claims.

Next was to architect one overarching UX layer that reuses components from all of Pacific Blue Cross’ core systems to empower its multiple stakeholders for ongoing business process transformation.

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