Case Study  |  Radius8

Building a messaging and sales strategy.


Radius8: Princeton based technologists that drive in-store and online customer conversions for retailers.


Radius8 created a technology that is groundbreaking in the commerce space. Their challenge was focusing in on the data and how to present that data in the way that was most actionable to their retail clients. The CEO’s interest is to use our e-commerce experience to help narrow in on the USP and sales strategy.


New Road Media and the Radius8 CEO and team collaborated on creating and executing a monetization strategy. First, understanding the CEO’s vision was key, where did he want to go with his technology. Knowing that, a landscape of retailers was drawn where New Road Media relationships existed. New Road Media provided a series of meetings with senior retail executives and the Radius8 team to secure commitments.


New Road Media in one-years’ time doubled Radius8’s topline revenues with a F100 retailer, as well as creating a rich pipeline of future clients.


New Road Media was able to learn the CEO’s vision for monetization, built a strategic plan to accomplish that and then collaborate with the team on a tactical plan for executing. New Road Media is now a participant on their cap chart from the success it enabled.