Case Study  | Alibaba Cloud + Domain7

New Road Media identified and secured a partnership for Alibaba Cloud with leading global transformational consultancy, Domain7.


Alibaba Cloud

Venture’s Challenge

Alibaba Cloud’s New Retail initiative looks to empower North American retail brands by offering innovative and insightful tools. While Alibaba Cloud is the leader in Asia for e-commerce, North American retailers are not aware of their offerings.


New Road Media met Alibaba Cloud leadership at a conference where discussions began of how to collaborate on approaching North American retailers with their innovation capabilities. It became clear Alibaba Cloud could possibly benefit from partnering with a transformational partner to help play point on sales and design assignments. New Road Media began exploring consultancies that could fit the bill and landed on Domain7 as that partner. New Road Media stewarded a sales and service design partnership agreement between the 2-parties. In addition, New Road Media packaged and incubated a new venture that connects the dots between all parties for mutual benefit.


The sales and service design partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Domain7 is in place and now being introduced to leading retail brands in the US and Canada.


New Road Media can identify, secure and package “partnerships that provide mutual benefit”.