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Case Study  |  Aflix

New Road Media was hired by the CEO of an African telecom company  to help launch a new OTT mobile video PPV service in Africa.


Venture’s Challenge

The entrepreneurs had the video platform and a video content bouquet but did not have anything else.  They needed to start from scratch, researching the African mobile market, identifying marketing strategies and tactics to get them there.


New Road Media stepped in collaborate with Aflix’s US based President to accomplish the task of creating a brand and building an African based marketing team to market that brand.  First, an extensive research report was created by New Road Media showing the viability and opportunities in which parts of Africa where such an offering could thrive.  In addition, the brand name, logo, marketing materials and social media voice were all created in collaboration with the President.  Finally, New Road Media secured a partnership with the largest advertising agency in Africa, Quirk to help Aflix with marketing and sales. 


The venture has a strong marketing infrastructure, the right partnerships and strong identity and is doing very well.


New Road Media was able to build a dynamic ad hoc marketing team half way around the world and manage that team to success.