Angel investments

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Unsplash is a win-win for creators to make money and users to get great images. We syndicate invested in their parent Crew (which spun out Unsplash) very early on knowing images in machine learning would be an important matter.


GoGig is a job matcher, designed mobile-first. Its application makes it a seamless process for matching job seekers and recruiters. We invested because their system saves all involved time.

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ask margoe

Teaching Chatbot

askmargoe is an answers bot built on the IBM Watson platform. We are building askmargoe as a teaching assistant to guide users to its created and curated suggested solutions. It gets smarter over time from usage.


Imperative, a B Corp, is the pioneer and leader in talent analytics for purpose-driven companies. Its assessments have been used by LinkedIn, Etsy, Sony Music, and by over 100,000 professionals seeking to maximize purpose in their careers. We invested because everything starts with purpose.


Vidora is machine learning for publishers and retailers. It enables non-technical people to build complex machine learning models at scale. Solves publisher and commerce churn.